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  • Personal Information Needed for Background Investigation

  • The following information will be used to conduct a background investigation. Please ensure the information below is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Please note that your personal information is confidential and will only be used for background investigation purposes.
  • Confidential Information Used for Background Checking Purposes Only

Right to Obtain More Information Regarding
Investigative Consumer Reports

You have the right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report ordered by Truline Drivers (Horizons HR Services) (“the Company”). You may either contact the Company for this information or the agency preparing the report, True Hire, LLC, 11366 Cleveland Ave., N.W., Uniontown, OH 44685, 800.262.7301, Please be advised that the nature and scope of the most common form of investigative consumer report obtained by the Company is an investigation into your employment history. You should carefully consider whether to exercise your right to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report.

Disclosure Regarding Background Investigation

Truline Drivers (Horizons HR Services) (“the Company”) may obtain information about you from a consumer reporting agency for employment purposes. Thus, you may be the subject of a “consumer report” and/or an “investigative consumer report” which may include information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and/or mode of living, and which can involve personal interviews with sources such as your neighbors, friends or associates. These reports may contain information regarding your criminal history, credit history, motor vehicle records (“driving records”), verification of your education or employment history or other background checks.